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Ilford Chess Club
Snaps and Hacks

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Here are some flashy finishes by Ilford players.

Winning moves wanted!

We'd like to show you more of them, so please send us your brilliancies! Email me: Jon Manley.

Dave Coleman has probably beaten more titled players than anyone in Essex. His two opponents here are world class. Joel Lautier, France's top player, has beaten Garry Kasparov.

Coleman v Lautier 1988
White to play

1 Nb6 Nxb6 2 Qxe7 mate

Hodgson v Wittmann 2003
White to play

1 Qh3+ Kg5 2 f4+ Kf6 3 Qh4+ g5 4 Qxg5 mate

Ivor Smith v Harakis 2003
White to play

1 Nc6+ 1-0 (1...bxc6 2 Rf8 mate)

Manley v Harley 1998
White to play

1 Rxg7+ Kxg7 2 Rg1+ Kf6 3 Qe3 1-0 (mate follows)


In 2003 Ilford were runners-up in the National Club Open Championship. Jon Manley accepts a 250 cheque from West Ham MP Tony Banks.


photo: Ian Hunnable
29 June 2003

Essex blitz team winners, 2003
(l to r): Jaco, Jon, John and Odondoo

Odondoo, girlfriend Tuul and Jaco


Viktor Bologan is a Moldovan grandmaster who recently won a tournament in Dortmund ahead of Peter Leko, Vishy Anand and World Champion Vladimir Kramnik!

Coleman v Bologan 1993
White to play

1 Nxf6+! Kg7 2 Qxh7+ Kxf6 3 Bd4 mate

Manley v Spink 1998
White to play

1 Bxf5+ Kxf5 2 Qf7+ Kg5 3 Be3+ Kh4 4 Qf4+ Kh3 5 Qg3 mate

Page v Kershaw 2003
White to play

1 Rg1+ Kf7 2 Qxf6+ Ke8 3 Bg6+ Kd7 4 Qg7+ 1-0

Barclay v Barton 2003
Black to play

1...Qxf2 2 Rxc7 Qg2 mate

In 1998 Ilford flew to Tallinn to represent Britain in the European Club Cup. Here the team look forward to some authentic Estonian cuisine after losing narrowly to Reykjavik.

Left to right: Phil Rossiter, Karl Bowden, Jon Manley, Graham Moore and Mike Twyble (photo: Jeff Goldberg)