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Andrew Martin - Coaching and Simul

Andrew Martin (IM) visited Ilford Chess Club to provide a coaching session for juniors in the morning and a simul in the afternoon. It was also an opportunity for Andrew to meet a few people who remember him when he was a fast improving junior!

For the morning session Andrew took a classic game played by Capablanca (Hastings Victory Congress, 1919) and challenged the juniors to analyse positions throughout the game and decide what move they would play next. They took turns to explain their thoughts using the demonstration board and Andrew awarded points for good moves and good explanations with minus points for bad moves or no move because "...you'll lose on time!" said Andrew! At the end book prizes were awarded to the highest totals.

Taking part were: Nikhil Sanghani; Manesch Pancha; Jack Swestun; Umar Yunis; Amar Gill; Ryan Jones; Jade Hill; Jasmin Hill; Dennis Teslyar; Amerish Asokan; Cameron Yerlett; Ben Murphy; Kannan; Kasitha; Tanya Ahmed; Alisha Ahmed; Chen Thuran; Hassan; Liam Zhou; Dimitry Epifoinev; Sanam; Sachin Sewgobind.

For the afternoon simul Andrew faced 19 Juniors and 13 adults, top board in strength was Subin Sen (163). There was stubborn resistance on a few boards but Andrew swept through to a 100% victory.

Thanks go to all who took part and especially to the London North East Community Foundation who provided funding for the event (http://www.lnecf.org.uk/).

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