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Ilford Chess Club


Reports and Results

Subin Sen is the new Essex Champion 2009
Ilford's Subin Sen beat clubmate Andrew Lewis in the playoff decider. The first half-hour game was drawn but resourceful play in the second game brought Subin the full point and the title. At 16 Subin is not the youngest player to win the championship, for that honour goes to Neil Carr, but it is an outstanding achievement for the junior international. Congratulations! 

Peter Constantinou (202) - Subin Sen (176)

Ilford Open, 2009

London System


1 d4 Nf6 2 c3 d5 3 Bf4 g6 4 Nf3 Bg7 5 Qc1 (5 e3 or 5 h3 is usually played) 5...c5 6 dxc5 Ne4 7 Bh6 Bf6! 8 Nbd2 Nxc5 9 Nb3 Ne4 10 e3? (shutting his queen in - 10 g3 and 11 Bg2 is more sensible) 10...Nc6 11 h3? (he should try 11 Be2 or 11 Bd3) 11...e5 (Subin dominates the centre and doesn’t need to worry about castling) 12 g4 Rg8! (with the simple but strong threat of ...g5 and ...Rg6 trapping the bishop, so White has to sacrifice a pawn) 13 g5 Nxg5 14 Nxg5 Bxg5 15 Bxg5 Qxg5 16 Qd2 Be6 (depressing for White - a pawn down with inferior development) 17 Bb5 Qe7 18 Na5 Qc7 19 b4 Ke7! (Subin’s king will be safe in the centre, shielded by pawns) 20 Bxc6 bxc6 21 Nb3 g5 (Subin sensibly expands on the side of the board where he has more pawns) 22 0–0–0 Rad8 23 f3 h5 24 h4 Rg6 25 hxg5 Rxg5 26 f4 Rf5 27 fxe5 Rxe5 28 Qh2 Bg4 29 Nd4 Kd7 30 Rdf1 f5 31 Qc2 Rf8 32 Rhg1 Rxe3 33 Rxg4 (this desperado sacrifice is no more than a death rattle) 33...hxg4 34 Rxf5 Qd6 35 Qf2 Rxc3+ 36 Kd2 Rf3 0–1. This fine win earned Subin joint second place in the Ilford Congress behind Russian Grandmaster Alexander Chernaiev.


ESSEX KO - Plate Semi-final

15 August 2006

Wanstead 2 v Ilford 1

Ilford had white on odd numbered boards in round 1.

                    R1 R2

Terry Whitton (157R) 1   Dana Hawrami (179R)  0
Laurie Burtt (120R)  1    Subin Sen (154R)     0
John Keehner (138R)  0 0   Syd Kalinsky (156R)  1 1
Graham Brown (116R)  1    Adrian Joseph (142R) 0
David Gibbs (112)    1 0   Anthony Kent (96R)   0 1
Sid Burns (128R)     0 0   Jef Page (134)       1 1
                    3 2                       2 4

Ilford scraped through by 6-5 against Wanstead 2 to reach the Plate final.

In the first round they lost 3 - 2 despite having a clear grading advantage across the boards. Needing to win 4-2 in round 2 Dana lost but then Jef and Anthony claimed comfortable wins, Syd picked up a piece towards the end of his game and Adrian had an edge in an end-game but had to accept a draw. This left the match hanging on the last game where Ilford needed at least a draw from junior Subin Sen. He held his nerve and had an advantage in the end-game. With time running out he offered a draw which was accepted thus sealing the match.



London League Division One

1 R.J.D. Palliser 0-1 C. Crouch (B)
2. D.J. Coleman 0-1 C. Duncan
3. D.A. Sands 0.5-0.5 J. Coleman
4. J.P. Manley 0.5-0.5 R. Black
5. J.H. Hodgson 0.5-0.5 N. Aldritt
6. M. Rich 0-1 C. Pederson
7. C. Fegan 0-1 P. Shrank
8. T.D. Coote 0.5-0.5 N. Chan
9. I.B.N. Smith 1-0 A. Harakis
10. G.A. Harvey A-A D. Goodwin
11. D.J. Millward 1-0 M. Phillips
12. T.A. Barton 1-0 D. Grange

5-6 (+1 unfinished)

The dimly lit room above The Plough pub in Bloomsbury makes a fitting clubhouse for Drunken Knights, famed for their beer-fuelled antics and erratic results. The Knights are usually easy pickings for Ilford but they have sobered up recently and are a match for any side in the division.

Chris Fegan fell early victim to a typically flamboyant attack and was forced to resign. Fighting fire with fire Mark Rich sacrificed two pawns for an initiative which, however, quickly evaporated. All his opponent had to do was reach the time control to bag the point. Give Dave Coleman a dynamic position and you can be sure that he will win it, but try as he might he could squeeze nothing from his gambit and conceded just before his flag fell.

With Richard Palliser under increasing pressure Ilfords only hope lay with their lower boards. Ivor Smith ended a lean spell with a pretty queen sacrifice which seemed to take Harakis completely by surprise. Wins from Dave Millward and Tom Barton left Ilford needing a point and a half from the remaining two games to level the score. Trevor Coote bailed out into an equal queen ending, leaving Ilfords fate in the hands of Tony Harvey. The game was unfinished on the night but only a miracle can save his opponent.


Ilford (2) v Billericay

3 March 2003

T. Barton 0-1 D. Reynolds
A. Kent - 
D. Derrick J. Klimach 1-0 D. Bailey
Subin Sen 0-1 J. Goodwin
A. Goldman 1-0 L. Krombeen
J. Jestico - J. Fuller
L. Finegold 0-1 K. Young
D. Couch 0-1 J. Hannah

Ilford v Hackney

London League Division 1, 24.2.03

1. R.Palliser v A.Cherniaev (235) -
2. J.P.Manley v R.Bates (220) -
3. J.H.Hodgson v L.Webb (202) 1-0
4. J.Kaye v D.Ledger (201) 0-1
5. I.B.N.Smith v A.Adelaja (195) 0-1
6. C.Fegan v M.Lyell (198) -
7. G.A.Harvey v R.Eames (201) 0-1
8. D.J.Millward v D.Mackle (181) 0-1
9. D.Chandler v M.Grigoryan (165) 0-1
10. T.Barton v M.Tasker (178) -
11. A.Corish v K.Bowmer A-A (resumption 17/3/03 at GL)
12. A.Kent v G.Hughes (146) 0-1

Kingston v Ilford
National Club Open, quarter-final, 23.2.03

1. C. Briscoe (183) 0-1 D. Coleman (B)
2. B. Whyte (178) 0-1 J. Manley
3. D. Rowsone (176) 0-1 R. White
4. C. Wright (173) - R. Payne
5. P. Roche (157) 0-1 I. Smith
6. C. Clegg (161) 1-0 D. Millward


A convincing win. Many thanks to all our players for making the trip to New Malden. The semi-final will be much tougher.

Brentwood 1 Ilford (2)

Essex League Division 2, 17.2.03

1. P. Salmon - T. Barton
2. B. Hammond 1-0 J. Page
3. R. Farrow - R. Franklin
4. L. Lewis - J. Klimach
5. M. Kingsley 1-0 J. Jestico
6. C. Darbon Adj L. Finegold
7. A. Riddich 1-0 D. Couch
8. G. Benger - M. Ryan



Ilford v Mushrooms

London League, Division 1

1. J.H.Hodgson - R.O'Kelly (191)
2. C.Fegan 0-1 R.A.Harris (195)
3. default 0-1 W.A.Linton (188)
4. I.B.N.Smith - P.D.Gait (192)
5. G.A.Harvey 0-1 D.R.Sedgwick (166)
6. D.J.Millward 0-1 M.Prizant (171)
7. J.Kaye 0-1 D.Drakeford (167)
8. D.Chandler A-A P.J.Sullivan (185)
9. default 0-1 A.Solomon (150)
10. A.Corish - M.B.Stockwell
11. A. Kent 1-0 J.M.Palmer (120)
12. R.Franklin - D.Burbidge



A disappointing result, especially because we had to concede two defaults. Under the London League rules a half match point is deducted for each 4 defaults - we have now conceded 3. Two of these were due to unavoidable transport difficulties. As quite a few players travel considerable distances to play for Ilford in the London League it is of course difficult to avoid this. However, I hope we can survive the remaining 4 matches without defaulting another.

Regards, John

Wanstead 3 v Ilford 2
Essex League Division 2, 21.1.03
A.F O'Regan    0-1  Anthony Kent 
     J. Gornall     0-1  Howard Berlin 
R. Santaniello   Adj.   Jason Klimach
A. Charles     0 -1  Subin Sen 
  M. LeGassicke  0-1  Arthur Goldman 
    K. Murray      0-1  Leigh Finegold 
A. Niewerf     -  Mitzi Cutler 
                   J. Mara        0-1  Debbie Couch             
Latest Score     -  6

Ilford v King's Head
London League Division 1, 6.1.03
1. D.A.Sands (W) v R.McMichael (208) -
2. J.P.Manley v A.J.Whiteley (192) 1-0
3. J.H.Hodgson v J.Wittmann (192) 1-0
4. M.Rich v P.Cawte 1-0
5. B.Hirsch v A.Llaneza 1-0
6. I.B.N.Smith v R.Thomas (189) 0-1
7. G.A.Harvey v D.Okike (183) -
8. D.J.Millward v C.Mackenzie (182) 0-1
9. J.Kaye v A.Gilfillan (178) 0-1
10. D.Chandler v J.Falzarano (168) 0-1
11. T.A.Barton v D.Chaudhry (166) 1-0
12. A.Kent v A.Bourke (145) 1-0
Final result: Ilford 7 Kings Head 5

This was an excellent win against a team that defeated us last year and outgraded us on the night.

Ilford II v Roding & Loughton Quickplay
Essex League Division 2, 16.12.2002

A. Kent - J. Rosenberg
J. Cooke 0-1 D. Jarman
J. Page 1-0 G. Kershaw 
R. Franklin - J. Campbell
H. Berlin 1-0 D. Lewis
I. Somers 0-1 G. Clark
A. Goldman 1-0 S. Saville
default 0-1 C. Rossi 

Ilford II v Barking II
Essex League Division 2, 2.12.02

1. T. Barton (B) - R. Purse
2. J. Cooke - D. Hawrami
3. J. Klimach 1-0 A. Hawrami
4. H. Berlin 0-1 G. Monk
5. A. Goldman 0-1 J. Figgins
6. S. Sen 0-1 A. Tangotra
7. L. Finegold 0-1 V. Chytn
8. I. Somers 0-1 K. Hawrami


Ilford v Wood Green
London League Division 1, 29.11.02
Well, we were routed. I trust everyone will have recovered when we resume our campaign in the New Year.
Regards, John

1. R.Palliser v J.Emms (243) 0-1
2. D.A.Sands v P.Sowray (213) -
3. J.P.Manley v J.Poulton (213) -
4. J.H.Hodgson v H.Hunt (228) 0-1
5. B.Hirsch v G.D.Lee (211) 0-1
6. R.P.White v D.Tan (210) 0-1
7. I.B.N.Smith v B.Savage (192) 0-1
8. J.C.Moore v C.Madeukwe (186) -
9. C.Fegan v C.Hasman (169) 0-1
10. G.A.Harvey v D.Cutmore (156) 0-1
11 D.J.Millward v M.McCall (161) -
12 D.Chandler v A.Kikoyo (158) -

Final Score: Ilford 2.5 Wood Green 9.5

Waltham Forest v Ilford II 

Essex League Division 2, 25 November 2002

J. Coleman 1-0 T. Barton (W) 

M Weighall - J. Cooke

J. Roberts - J. Page 

K. White 1-0 R. Franklin

C. Lee - J. Klimach

N. Raja 0-1 H. Berlin

J. Jiang A- A. Goldman

P. ONeill 0-1 L. Finegold

Latest score 3-3

Ilford v Richmond
London League Division 1, 31.10.02

1. J.P.Manley v A.Faller (190) - 
2. J.H.Hodgson v C. Briscoe (183) 1-0
3. default v M.Benjamin (170) 0-1
4. B.Hirsch v C.Baker (173) - 
5. J.Goldberg v J.Bass (171) -
6. I.B.N.Smith v J.McCarthy (166) -
7. C.Fegan v R.Heaton (157) -
8. G.A.Harvey v default 1-0
9. D.J.Millward v R.J.Cannon (155) 1-0
10. J.Kaye v C. de Mooi (140) -
11 A.Corish v D.Heaton (136) 1-0
12. A.Kent v A.Neviazsky (136)-

Ilford II  v  Upminster II
Essex League Division 2, 21 October 2002

1. T. Barton M. Rahaman
2. A. Kent 1 D. Brock 0
3. J. Page 1 R. Iannetta 0
4. R. Franklin 1 Y. Man Tang 0
5. Subin Sen 0 D. Hurst 1
6. D. Couch 1 B. Gaze 0
7. default M. Sullivan 1
8. default 0 default 0
=== ===
4 2
Ilford v Atheneum
London League Div.1, 14 October 2002
1. R.Palliser v J.Spreeuw (203) -
2. J.Rogers v R.G.Wade (189) 1-0
3. D.A.Sands v G.Anthony (192) 1-0
4. J.P.Manley v J.M.Quinn (191) -
5. J.H.Hodgson v S.S.Y.Spivack (190) -
6. J.Goldberg v T.Johansson 0-1
7. I.B.N. Smith v C.Wismayer (176) -
8. D.J.Millward v G.Copeland (175) -
9. G.A.Harvey v N.Keene 1-0
10. J.Kaye v J.S.Walton (168) 0-1
11. D.Chandler v M.Johnstone -
12. A.Corish v P.McKeown (164) -
Ilford v Beckenham and Charlton
London League Div.1, 3 October 2002
1. O.Ganbold v A.E.Hanreck (206) -
2. J.P.Manley v I.L.Snape (187) -
3. J.H.Hodgson v J.D.Wager (183) 1-0
4. B.Hirsch v J.P.Hannan (165) 0-1
5. J.Goldberg v F.Percival (165) 1-0
6. T.D.Coote v B.A.Crouch (153) 0-1
7. I.B.N.Smith v J.H.Lewin (152) -
8. D.J.Millward v A.V.H.Sands (151) -
9. G.A.Harvey v V.Ikpehai -
10. J.Kaye v D.Vleeshhouwer 1-0
11. A.Corish v A.H.Heard (143) -
12. J.Page v H.C.N.Jones (122) 0-1

Essex Team Blitz Championship

1 September 2002

Ilford CC tied with Cavendish for 1st place in this popular annual tournament

The Ilford team was:

1. Jon Manley

2. John Hodgson

3. Jeff Goldberg

4. Bobby Payne

Results for the 2001/2002 season
Ilford v Wood Green    1-4
National Club Ch.
Ilford v Drunken Knights   7-5
1. D.Coleman (B) v C.Crouch 0-1
2. D.Sands v O.Kirsanov -
3. J.P.Manley v R.Black 1-0
4. J.H.Hodgson v J.Hastings -
5. J.Goldberg v N.Aldritt 0-1
6. I.B.N.Smith v N.Chan -
7. D.Millward v M.Phillips -
8. G.A.Harvey v D.Spearman -
9. J.Kaye v R.Quinn -
10. D.Chandler v P.Ackley -
11. A.Corish v N.Blackie -
12. A.Kent v P.Walters 0-1
Ilford v Streatham
Streatham won the toss and had White on odd boards.

1. O.Ganbold v A.Ledger -
2. D.Coleman v A.Stone A-A (resumption 14/3/02 at GL at 19:00)
3. D.Erhembayar v J.Carlin 1-0
4. J.H.Hodgson v J.Leake A-A (resumption 13/3/02 at GL at 19:00)
5. M.Rich v M.Bernadt -
6. J.Goldberg v M.Smith A-A (resumption 6/3/02 at GL at 19:00)
7. I.B.N.Smith v A.Thake -
8. D.Millward v C.Reeve -
9. G.A.Harvey v S.Marriott 1-0
10. J.Kaye v default 1-0
11. A.Corish v default 1-0
12. A.Kent v default 1-0

The score is Ilford 7 Streatham 2 with 3 games adjourned.

The score in the previous match is now Ilford 6 Beckenham&Charlton 4. We expect to win this game, which will give us 5 wins out of 8 in the London League this year.

London League Report 2001/2002
All of Ilford's matches in the London League have now been completed, Aidan Corish winning the last game to be played and ensuring victory over Mushrooms.

In the end we finished with a creditable 6/11 (6 wins and 5 losses). This was a considerable improvement on the previous year, in which we were in serious danger of relegation until the last match of the season. This year, by contrast, we won our first two games and thereafter could be fairly relaxed that we would not slip into the relegation zone.

The highlight of the season was our win against Cavendish, who went on to win the London league, losing only to ourselves and drawing with Hackney. Incidently the full results are posted on though last time I looked the outcome of the relegation battle (between Lewisham, Metropolitan, and Beckenham&Charlton) was still not reported. Our remaining wins were against the teams occupying the last 5 positions in the first division.

By a statistical quirk we appear to be finishing in position 7 (out of 12) despite having a positive score.

Turning to individual performances, four players (Jeff Goldberg, Ivor Smith, David Millward, and John Hodgson) played in all 11 games.

The most points were scored by Ivor Smith (7/11), followed by John Hodgson (6.5/11).

The best percentages were achieved by D.Erhembayar (3.5/4) and Jon Manley (2.5/3).

Ilford won all 4 matches (including Cavendish) that both Ganbold and Erhembayar played. David Sands, Tony Harvey, and David Chandler were also recruited to play for Ilford this year, and Russell White rejoined after a year's absence. All these players help to explain the significant progress made in the last year.

Thanks too to all the other players I have not specifically mentioned. In all 24 players played for Ilford. I think this gives a good idea of how large a squad is required in order to find 12 players at all times. Over the summer please be on the look out for any new players who might wish to play for us next year.

John Hodgson

Essex 2nd Team Report for the

2001/2002 Season

In the first match of the season at home to Southend we out-graded the opposition but struggled to show it. The played games resulted in a tied match but we thought we had won due to a Southend default on board 8. It was not to be as subsequently I was to learn that Joe Miki's registration had not gone in early enough.

I then had extreme problems getting a team out for an away match at Billericay. Fortunately this did happen again during the season but with the bottom four boards defaulted we lost 6-2.

John Cooke came into the team for the next game at home to Maldon. The teams were closely matched on grading points but fine performances, especially from our out-graded lower boards, saw us easily win against the eventual division champions.

The team went on to end up in fifth position in the table. Joe Miki always entertained in his games with a very all-or-nothing approach typified by a game against Wanstead 3 where he had a great attack and finished with two queens on the board. Some of the first team players guested for occasional games but where possible I drew from all available players and at the end of the season Debbie Couch played her first competitive game for some time on board eight.

My player of the season for his steady play was Jason, average board 5, and a 66% score over 9 games. I give one of his games below. He is closely followed by young Subin Sen who had a 75% score over 6 games.

Thanks to everyone who played for the second team, I hope to see you all again next season!

Tom Barton

Kenneth Murray - Jason Klimach [D02]

Ilford2 - Wanstead3, 2002

[notes by Tom Barton]

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 e6 3.Bf4 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.e3 Nf6 6.Bd3 Qb6 7.Qb3 This is a rarely played line, I can find only two games in a reference database where GMs played Qc1 or Qc2 without any success. Qb3 looks as good if not better than those moves for white.

7...Qxb3 8.axb3 Bd7 9.Nbd2 cxd4 10.exd4 Be7 11.h3 00 12.00 a6 13.Rfe1 Rac8 14.Ne5 Nxe5 15.Bxe5 Ne8 16.Nf3 f6 17.Bh2 Bd6 18.Bc2 Bxh2+ 19.Nxh2 Nd6 20.Ng4 Rfe8 21.Bd3 Bb5 22.Rad1 Bxd3 23.Rxd3 a5 24.Rde3 Kf7 25.Rf3 Ke7 26.Rfe3 Kd7 27.Kf1 Rc6 28.Ra1 Ra8 29.Ree1 b5 30.Ra3 a4 31.bxa4 Rxa4 32.Rxa4 bxa4 33.Ra1 Ra6

I remember seeing this on the evening, I preferred Rb6, I don't like the pin on the a pawn. 34.Ne3 Kc6 35.Nc2 Kb7 [ 35...Kb5 36.Na3+ Kb6 I think is better.] 36.Nb4 Ra8 37.Ke2 Nc4 38.Nd3 Kc6 39.b3 Nb6 40.bxa4 Rxa4 41.Rxa4 Nxa4 42.Kd2 Kd6 43.Kc2 Nb6 44.Kb3 Nc4 [ 44...e5 and it's looking very drawish but I think you have to try a pawn push to get anything from this position, i.e. 45.Nc5 Nc4 46.Ne4+ Kc6 47.Nc5 g6 gradually improving black's position] 45.Kb4 Nd2 46.Nc5 g6 47.f3 Nc4 48.Nd3 Ne3 49.g3 Nf1 50.g4 Nd2 51.Ne1 g5 52.Kb5 h6 53.Kb4 Kc6 54.Ka4 Kb6 55.Kb4 f5 [ 55...e5 56.dxe5 fxe5 57.Ka3] 56.Ka4 fxg4 57.hxg4 Kc6 58.Kb4 Kd6 59.Kb5 Nc4 60.Nd3 -


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